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When John Klein, a Washington Post journalist, and his wife Mary finally find the house of their dreams, they just can't believe their luck. On the way back from the bargain, Mary nearly runs over a caped, winged figure, jerks the wheel and skids into the sidewalk. She hits her head badly, and dies in the hospital a little later. John, completely devastated, soon finds some sketches his wife made after the accident. They all show a winged creature, yet there is no angel resemblance at all. Two years later, John all of a sudden finds himself one night in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He has no idea how he has journeyed the 400 miles in less than two hours. In the small town, local cop Connie struggles with many sightings of a mothlike creature taller than a man being reported, while John believes that an explanation for his wife's fate can be found. The deeper John digs, the clearer the mothman's purpose arises - only to leave his life in immediate danger, as it seems.



Mark Pellington .... director

Richard Hatem .... screenplay

John A. Keel .... novel


Richard Gere .... John Klein

David Eigenberg .... Ed Fleischman
Bob Tracey .... Cyrus Bills
Ron Emanuel .... Washington Post Reporter

Debra Messing .... Mary Klein

Tom Stoviak .... Brian
Yvonne Erickson .... Dr. McElroy

Scott Nunnally .... Orderly
Harris Mackenzie .... TV Journalist
Will Patton .... Gordon Smallwood
Lucinda Jenney .... Denise Smallwood

Laura Linney .... Connie Mills

Tom Tully .... Motel Manager
Zachary Mott .... Otto (as Billy Mott)
Ann McDonough .... Lucy Griffin

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